In addition to other improvements, we used the off-season to make some safety upgrades to our chairlifts. With this year’s work and safety improvements made previous seasons, all Discovery chairlifts aim to get you back up to the top of your run reliably, safely and quickly. The new safety features include upgraded fault-finding systems on the Easy and the Limelight chairs. This means that if (sad face) the chairlift stops, it’s now easier and faster to find out why it stopped and get it moving again (happy face). The goal is that you never know this technology is there — but it’s peace of mind knowing it is there.

“Keeping everyone on the mountain as safe as possible is our number one priority,” said Ciche Pitcher, Discovery’s vice president of operations. “To offer really reliable lift service, we spent most of our efforts in the off-season this year upgrading the electronics and controls to chairlifts that were not already upgraded.”

We also leveled the ground around the Easy Chair to make maneuvering around the chair and lodge easier for beginner skiers.