Meet Our Mechanical Engineer Who Builds the Kickers You Love to Huck!

Chris Crawford, Terrain Park manager

Meet 25-year-old Chris Crawford! He’s the new manager of the Terrain Park here at Discovery. Originally from Helena, Chris grew up skiing and riding good ole Great Divide. Lucky for us, he decided to go back to school at Butte Tech to receive his degree in mechanical engineering. Yep, he’s smart too.

This will be his 22nd season skiing. Funny enough, his first job in the ski industry was as a snowboard instructor. But once he put the two sticks back on his feet, Chris’s career in the park took off. Currently, he does everything — from designing the features located on Sapphire to maintenance such as raking and shoveling … and everything in between. You may have seen him: He’s the guy in orange-and-black boots, forest-green pants and a red-black-white urban plaid jacket. And of course, he’s sporting a white helmet — safety first!

Chris’s idea of a perfect park would be 12-cats wide, a mile long, with rolling and dropping faces that are as straight as narrow. The park would be always changing. When asked about half and quarter pipes, he shook his head vehemently, wanting nothing to do with a half pipe — he would need a whole team for that!

His personal favorite trick is a switch bio 7/20 (go in backwards, throw a 180 front flip with a 360 at the same time).

Most days, Chris takes his lunch break while out on the mountain. His delicatessen of choice is a few pieces of pizza pulled straight out of a frosty cold bag. All these fun facts about Chris brought us, of course, to the question of ski bummery. His definition of a ski bum: a person who is making ends meet just so he can ride as much as possible. That would be Chris. This is his fifth year just putting in the hours to ride, with five years in park management. Of course he also wants to put his new college degree to some use, but he knows his heart and home will always be the ski industry even it’s just as a rider or a volunteer coach. He would love to move to Australia, where he could ski all day, and surf all evening — that would be the life!

A tip straight from Chris to newbies in the park: Always wear a helmet and make sure you have confidence.

If you’re interested in private lessons in the Terrain Park, Chris is your man.

Also, Chris along with Discovery is looking to start a “Saturdays in the Park” weekly video session. It will be strictly Discovery parksters and all free riders available. If interested, please contact Chris or the main office!