Meet Kathy Riddle your bartender! Originally from the different-from-here terrain of Glendive, Montana, Kathy has been an Anaconda native since 1990.

Her family owned a funeral home in Anaconda. After selling it, she took six months off, and then — just last year — called up Beatrice Pitcher and asked for a job. Kathy had never bartended before, but boy is she a quick study. She’s been the queen of Tap’er Lite ever since!

Kathy is blessed with her husband, Tim, and three children, who all work at the mountain. Jess, the oldest, patrols; Jaimee, the “middle child,” bartends; and, McKenzie worked in the kitchen over the holidays. And all those delicious hamburgers you enjoy hot off the grill? Those are made from the Black Angus cattle raised on the Riddle’s Wing N’ It Ranch. We love this family.

Though sometimes stressful, Kathy thinks bartending is a lot of fun. And it’s certainly a change from her previous career. She believes people come to Discovery to have a good time, and it’s easy to have a good day when people are happy! When asked about her goals and aspirations, she responds easily: do things that are fun, work where everyone is having a good time, and be with good people.