Adaptive Skiing

Use of Adaptive Equipment


Discovery Ski Area is committed to providing persons with qualifying disabilities the full and equal enjoyment of its goods, services, facilities, privileges, advantages and accommodations. Discovery Ski Area recognizes that no policy can address every possible scenario which may arise or every individual’s specific needs.  Discovery Ski Area allows the use of adaptive devices or other ‘manually-powered mobility aids’ designed and manufactured primarily for use by individuals who have disabilities, including without limitation, mono skis, bi skis, outriggers and sit-skis.  If your preferred device is not listed, please contact us. Due to Discovery Ski Area’s limited staff, Discovery would request that any person requesting an exception or modification to the above policy contact Discovery Ski Area 5 (five) days prior to the date of your arrival. Contact can be made at (406) 563 2184 or
Use of Service Animals

Discovery Ski Area supports the use of trained service animals during the summer and winter operating seasons. All services animals must meet current ADA guidelines to include, but not be limited to: remaining under the direct control of the user at all times; be house broken; and be trained and utilized for a specific disability approved by ADA regulations.


Links for Adaptive Information