Our Towns

Philipsburg, Montana

Discovery has the great fortune of being surrounded by genuine people and authentic Western life. Or to put it another way, the pickup trucks co-piloted by red healers outnumber the Range Rover limos by about 1,000 to none. So, when you visit Discovery, be sure to take it all in—the diners, the shops, the friendly locals, the fabric of Montana.


Anaconda is named after the mining company that all but built Montana, and it still wears that history like a badge. A tour through town reveals pristine historic buildings and the well-preserved artifacts of mining like the smelter stack located at the edge of town. Located just 25 minutes from the base of our mountain, Anaconda, with its variety of hotels, colorful bars and western appeal, makes for a great outpost.

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Georgetown Lake

Georgetown Lake is one of the prettiest places you’ll ever see and a recreation wonder in any season. In winter, you can ride snowmobiles on the lake, strap on your skates or test your luck at luring giant trout through the ice. Naturally, the lake is a magnet for vacation rentals and down-home resorts, so it’s a good lodging option. As an added bonus, it’s just five minutes from our base.

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This idyllic town tucked up against the Flint Range has been featured on the Today Show and in more glossy magazines that you can shake a ski pole at. In downtown Philipsburg, you’ll find B&Bs, Western bars, diners and shops, all situated along a main street you’ll swear is a postcard. Be sure to plan a little time for shopping. Philipsburg’s Sweet Palace has wonderful homemade candy and the Sapphire Gallery next door features jewelry made with locally mined sapphires. Best of all, it’s only 15 minutes from Discovery.

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