Anaconda Opening 01.13.24

The Anaconda Lift is open!  This is one of the latest starts in our history for the Anaconda lift but we are finally able to have some skiing on that side of the mountain due to the hard work of our snowmaking team and ski patrol.  The top half of Claimjumper and Southern Cross are going to ski a little like you are in the backcountry.  Mostly powder with some hazards lying beneath.  We will have a few passes groomed but the best skiing will likely be in the powder until approximately the beginning of Gold Rush.  At that point the groomed surfaces are the most reliable skiing surface due to snowmaking and the powder gets thinner and less supportable.  Please ski the Anaconda lift with caution and know your limitations.  This area will be more difficult to ski that most seasons but we think it has the potential to be a lot of fun for our more experienced skiers.

Additionally we are going to be experiencing a significant cold event all weekend. We will be running on a delayed start Jan 13th and 14th. First lift will be going up at 11am for those days. Remember to take breaks, keep your skin protected from elements and use hand and toe warmers.  Have fun and be safe!