LL and Granite Open

Winter has finally arrived with a sequence of storms that have transformed the mountain.  We are thrilled with how well the backside is skiing after the blast of snow this past week and we do seem to be finding a better pattern with more snow in the forecast.  The Granite terrain is shaping up with Winning Ridge, Black Moon, True Fisher, Orphan Girl and the upper part of Center Stage all skiing excellently and now in normal grooming rotations.  And this morning we were able to spin the Limelight lift for the first time this year.  We have great steep powder skiing for experienced skiers and we have been seeing so much stoke from the people who have been up here during the week.  Ski with a little caution, but go see what we have newly on offer.

Also, on the Front Side we finally have Berkeley and Atlantic Cable open and Sluice Box is coming shortly.  After how bleak everything looked last week, we could not be happier about how the mountain is shaping up for February.  See you on the slopes!